This is what we do best, we are dedicated to help you make millions by working with you as a team. We have done this for over 500 people, and we'll keep doing it. You need a total number of Six (6) downlines before you can get your first million in Swissgolden after registering, but we understand the stress and so we are here to help you get them after registering through us at no cost. You only register with us and give us maximum of 30 days to gather 6 downlines for you who we will register in your structure, but all you have to do for us is to invite people to join our team once you get your first million which will serve as your evidence when inviting them.

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Swissgolden was registered on June 14, 2012 in the British Virgin Islands and launched in the market on February 1, 2013. Its administrative officess are located in London, United Kingdom with Information centers in Munich, Germany and Russia.

The company works with very high and reputable Gold Manufacturers and these are: ARGOR, HERAUS, VALCAMBI, UMICORE and METALOR Technologies. Please you can make your research about these powerful Gold manufacturers. However, in November, 2016, the EU granted Swissgolden Corporation the license to produce gold on its own, we sell pure physical gold. Again do your research.


SwissGolden company is an organization that provides services on purchasing, storage, delivery and distribution of gold. SwissGolden is an online Gold store that refines and trades on 24-Karat Gold bars ranging from 1g - 800g with 999.9 purity.

    You purchase basically in two ways:
  1. 1. Direct purchase of ingots of different weights from the webshop.
  2. 2. Marketing program which is currently fetching many millions.


We all know that gold is very expensive as a matter of fact 24 karat gold with 99.9% purity will cost a fortune, hence the introduction of the marketing program. Marketing program involves you Invest a little amount, get 6 people to invest same amount to fill up a seven celled table and you would get rewarded by the company. The reward is in gold but it can be monetized if you want money, the company buys back the gold from you (remember the company buys and sells gold) but at discounted rate, if you are not ok with their rate you can have them deliver the gold to you at a fee to your provided address.


However, we noticed it is difficult to get 6 people for yourself so we came up with the strategy of when you invest you give us 30-60days we work with you to get 6 people to meet up with the Swissgolden requirement for you to get compensated.

And after your first earning you refer at least 6 persons back to enable us assist the newbie on your chain earn. With your proof of earning in Naira (bank alert) or in Gold (physical gold) it becomes expressly easy to get people to invest.


The juicy part of it now is that after the 6 under you earn by the end of the month you get another bonus of at least N1m still on your very first investment and yes the earning continues as your chain grows.

Pls note that you can earn even in 24 hours if you come with your downlines.

Also, The money you send to us is not a loan, it's an investment, you registered, and once you are signed up, you can login to your account to see for yourself; so your investment is not with us, but with the company Swissgolden.

We offer to help and we have been doing that and swissgolden is the company that pays the money not us. So if you cannot trust us, trust the company because they have been on for over 5

What Our Members are Saying


You don't have to bother yourself finding people who will register under you. Yours is just to join the group and let them register you, and you'll definately smile at your bank account.


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Since I have joined this group, I have always been bringing in more people because I have evidences of millions which is what the group provides for me without my efforts. Call me a millionaire.


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Since I got my return of investment in less than 30 days, I have been preaching this group with my evidence.


I really love this group for keeping to their words, I'm happy I took a bold step to join and register through this group.

Some of the Benefits of Swissgolden

One time investment life time returns on investment.

Investment in Gold bullion is secure and highly lucrative.

Gold value has increased .ore than 1000% in the last 10years.

No buying and selling or hawking of products.

Gold is a commodity and can be exchange for cash around the world.

You don't have to go through any stress, we will do that on your behalf.

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Evidences from our members