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We are a group of online and network marketers, that is ready to redefine network marketing in Nigeria

We have seen the suffering of the little guy that is into network marketing to build his dream, he watch his dreams of a better life going down the drain because he could not refer a single person into his or her network marketing business. We have seen and heard YOU clamoring for a truly network marketing team that cares for the success of its members, that gives YOU maximum support and training's that will help YOU succeed in this industry.

We have decided to come to your rescue using online technology, but we have to use the right program. The searches for a truly solid program that is in line with our core believes continue.

We have been searching for something we can put our name to that will change your life, something that is sustainable and long term. A program that has visionary leaders and track record of people that has earned millions with the program within few years. We were looking for something that is easy to join with low fees that have made a mark in the life of its members in few years of its existence.

We are strong believers of storing value in Cryptocurrency and Gold, which makes SwissGolden appealing to us because of their product which is Gold and the impact it has made in the life of Nigerians who has been part of the program in just few months.

Why We Love Storing Value In Gold

We are in a delicate situation, the world economy is crashing. Everyone is escaping the stock market, and the US currency is in turmoil, and everyone is looking to invest in Gold.

Even the HSBC Bank has released a press with the header "A Global Trade Slowdown is a reason to buy Gold".

Theses and more are the reasons why we choose Swissgolden as the vehicle to build the biggest team in Africa and create over 500 super rich millionaires within the first 12 months

Imagine yourself been among the 500 super rich millionaires this team will create in the next 12 months, imagine what your life will be like, imagine how you will affect the life of your love ones if you take action and join us today.

STOP and ask yourself where you will be 12 months from now, if you decide not to join Swissgolden right now with Our Team?

We will be living our dreams because even if you don't join us, we will still build over 500 millionaires in 12 months, but what about YOU?

STOP and realize that you have never ever seen an offer like this before anywhere in the history of network marketing in Nigeria and you may never see it again

Picture yourself in few months from now if you take action today. All it takes is one time payment; come over to our whatsaap group to get started now!


Huge demand for Gold have been flooding the market since, and Swissgolden is a company which is poised to take advantage of this demand.

SwissGolden Company provides services on purchasing, storage, delivery and distribution of gold bullion from 1 to 100 gram.

Administrative office of the Company is in the United Kingdom (88, Wood str., London, UK). Nominee informative office is in Russia (St.Petersburg, 3 Mir Street). Partner's offices operate in Russia and aboard (Krasnodar, Kemerovo, Sochi, Chita, Ostrava, Barcelona, Ecuador etc.).

The bonus program have been working for over 5 years with more than 450,000 successful clients in 190 countries of the world. It has an online shop at www.swissgolden.com

For market promotion purposes the Company choses a strategy of partnership marketing or network marketing or multilevel marketing. Due to the special service of collective purchases, each client can arrange his high income in gold. Information and training is provided based on the Training center in St. Petersburg. Trainings are held by Director of Marketing, Max Lawrence and experts in partnership business and Internet marketing from among partners of the Company.

Cooperation with the SwissGolden Company is a real opportunity to start and develop your own online-business using the most modern technologies of online promotion.

Swissgolden deals only with "24Carats Gold Bars" the purest & finest in the world with 999.9% purity. These bullion bars are in different weights & sizes ranging btw 1grm-100grms.

The company offers those who participate and invest in its marketing program with bonus and residual or passive income.

Client and Partners of Swissgolden can do the following at the online shop at www.swissgolden.com

1. Buy gold bars ranging from 1 to 100g bars. It has its own SG branded gold bars alongside gold bars from other renowned refiners and producers namely: argor-heraeus (Switzerland), Degussa (Germany), Valcambi (Switzerland)

2. The company buy back gold bar purchase from them

3. They can arrange safe keeping for your gold bars. At pro aurum in Germany or VIA MAT in Switzerland which are certified depositor, at 0.1% value of your gold per month

4. They can also arrange delivery of your gold bars via insured courier. Cost is around 55Euros per delivery. Max quantity to be delivered depends on delivery location due to varying customs laws


1. Swissgolden corporation registered in the Virginia islands UK.

2. Golden trade establishment Ltd registered in the European Union last year and is responsible for the production of the SG branded gold bars. EU has issued them the licence to produce the bars.

3. Executive office have been moved from London to Stuttgart Germany and in charge of storages, logistics and mailing of gold bars to partners

4. Hong Kong Swissgolden Company registered in Hong Kong and responsibly for buying gold for production through gold brokers

5. Swissgolden franchises. This will be rolled out in 2017, where partners can have physical offices for marketing and sell of investment gold.

The gold sold by Swissgolden is raw 24karats 999.9 . The highest purity of gold and the SG branded bars come with special features to protect bullions from counterfeiting.

Swissgolden also have a debit master card and partners can order it at 20Euros. Card will be linked to your Swissgolden euro account.

So a client who wants to buy gold can register online at www.swissgolden.com ,verify account by submitting valid id and document to verify name and address provided then select gold bars and pay for the order OR if willing to participate in the bonus program, select the program of choice and pay your share for the other.

Huge demand for Gold has been flooding the market since, and Swissgolden is a company which is poised to take advantage of this demand.

Here's how the Bonus Marketing Program works

Because of its complexity, I will try to explain the program in a simplified manner.

The entire structure of the program will flow through several tables like the picture below:

If you understand how the above concept works, which I will be sharing with you below, you will understand how the entire program works.

In the table above, when you pay money into the Bonus Marketing Program, you will be positioned in the Level 3 (as you can see from the above picture marked "YOU").

"MARIA", for illustration purpose only, is the person who has introduced you to the Bonus Marketing Program.

So, let's say you've recruited 2 new members, Paul and Sam, into the table, you will automatically move up to level 2 (Refer to the table below).

The next step would be to either coach Paul and Sam to recruit 2 new members of their own, or you can recruit new members and put them under Paul or Sam.

Once Paul and Sam each recruited 2 new members, Mary, Sally, George and Robert (refer to the table below), you will then be moved to Level 1, and you are in the position to close the Table.

You close the Table when Mary, Sally, George and Robert, each found their 2 new recruits.

In the above case, the person whom introduced you to the Bonus Marketing Program, Maria, has closed the Table.

So, what does it mean after closing the Table?

Basically, you have to close 3 Main Tables (closing 3 main tables' means 1 cycle) in order to receive your order of Gold.

Evidences from our members